• Management consulting on leadership and communication
  • Preparation, implementation, presentation and wrap-up of workshops and OpenSpaces with Digital Natives and the 120 top managers about the aim of Enterprise 2.0 within the organization.
  • Introduction of Change Agents
  • Development of an Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform

“We learn from the generation internet how to communicate, inform ourselves and collaborate in networks. This generation is trendsetter in the private area and will become trendsetter in business as well.”
Alf Henryk Wulf, Chairman of the board of management

  • Keynote and workshop about Enterprise 2.0

  • Requirements analysis for internet and intranet 2.0
  • Identification of saving potential and ROI
  • Technology recommendations
  • Build-up of a freelance team for the implementation
  • Project management and implementation

  • Board and Top Management workshop about the speed and efficiency of collaboration

  • Keynote/workshop about Enterprise 2.0
  • Coaching Top Management about leadership in the digital age

  • Enterprise 2.0 consulting
  • Conduction of OpenSpaces
  • Personality trainings

“Ideas only survive if they produce resonance. This is connected to the idea but also to the person that communicates about it. One of the strengths of Dr. Willms Buhse is his ability to approach people and produce resonance with a good idea.

Sören Stamer, Cofounder CoreMedia AG.

  • Board and Top Management workshop
  • Strategy and concept to connect digital changer (more in the German Daimlerblog)

  • Enterprise 2.0 – impulse for the international sales teams
  • Development of an utilization concept collaboration
  • Concept, screen design and prototypes Enterprise 2.0

“… Enterprise 2.0, open source, blogs, wikis, web tv, social networks and online conferences – there is no way forward without the net. That is why the significant expo CeBIT makes the digital industry top topic…”
Ernst Raue, CeBIT Boardmember of Deutsche Messe AG

  • Planning, implementation and moderation of OpenSpaces
  • Workshops about Enterprise 2.0 and communication strategy
  • Support during the implementation of Leadership 2.0
  • Implementation of community management and selection for the Telekom idea competition “new apps for the car”

“Here at Deutsche Telekom is the thought of connected life and work the center of our innovation activities. We want to offer fast connection to all communication services and your personal data at home, on the road or in the office, on any device based on the internet technology. The internet community and its trends develop at an unbelievable speed. With technology our communication habits change permanently. One needs to identify and understand these trends early – optimally during the dialogue with those who set and form them – the Digital Natives.”
René Obermann, Chair of the Board Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Concept and implementation of two roadshows with about 3.000 participants during the Hays-Forum
  • Editing of film clips
  • Moderation
  • Web 2.0 communication consulting for customer- and partner recruiting

“Willms Buhse understood how to engage listeners in a relaxed way and outline the topic Web 2.0 in organizations.”
Frank Schabel, Head of Marketing / Corporate Communications Hays AG

Direct quotes of feedback sheets: “Your keynote in Munich was outstanding!”, “You spoke from my heart, thus: let’s go for it!”, “A very successful and inspiring keynote”, “…am still thrilled!”, “that was a really interesting keynote last night! It sparked many great conversations“, “Content-wise exciting and presented in an entertaining way.”

  • Management and marketing consulting on Leadership 2.0
  • Preparation, implementation and wrap-up of workshops

„Collaboration allows us to use the power of everybody“
Maja Kumme, Direktor Lotus Software

  • Realization of an OpenSpace
  • Innovations management with agile methods

  • Concept for an workshop for executives
  • Examples for innovation in knowledge management
  • Coaching of implementation teams
  • Enterprise 2.0 for Manager
  • Young executives

  • Management workshops and coaching on Digital Leadership
  • Realization of Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration, including utilization, requirement concept and communication concept
  • Realization of SharePoint projects on collaboration
  • Strategy and realization of design and prototypes in SharePoint
  • Concepts and realization of a FedExDay and BarCamps
  • Organization wide FedExDay on the development of an Enterprise 2.0 strategy

  • Keynotes and workshops for customers and partners
  • Planning and executing a study on Collaboration (only available in German)

  • Preparation and realization of board workshops
  • Support of the management and project teams during the introduction of the Enterprise 2.0 software IBM Connections
  • Realization of OpenSpaces
  • Development of a collaboration utilization concept

  • Preparation and realization of board workshops on Enterprise 2.0
  • Management consulting on Leadership and Communication 2.0
  • Establishment and support of an Enterprise 2.0 task force for the introduction of a SharePoint platform
  • Development of change management and communication measures
  • Workshop on HR development 2.0 and eLearning
  • Series of seminars on “Leadership in the Digital Age” for all executives of the organization

“The decision to create more transparency using Web 2.0 technology is not just made bottom-up by young Digital Natives but increasingly from the top down“

  • Preparation and realization of marketing strategy workshops
  • Development and support during the implementation of an awarded social media strategy
  • Realization of OpenSpaces like AutomotiveRELOADED
  • Social media text and video editing for common platforms
  • Planning and executing a study on co-creation in the automotive industry (only available in German)

  • Digital Native workshop
  • Keynote introduction on Enterprise 2.0
  • Workshops on the workplace of the future
  • Keynote on Enterprise 2.0 at the Volkswagen AutoUni
  • Introduction of the digital business strategy

  • Consulting during social media strategy process
  • Design examples for social media appearance
  • Board workshop