Dr. Willms Buhse is one of Europe’s leading innovative thinkers. His distinct professional capability is the appropriation and interweaving of ideas and stimuli. This is reflected in his curriculum vitae: colorful, engaged with new ideas and global in scope. And not just in Europe: at Harvard and MIT, even in Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Korea – his ideas and insights have sparked enthusiasm with many global listeners all over the world.

From Silicon Valley to Senior Management

Today, Buhse relays his pioneering Internet experience to CEOs and executive boards through his consulting activity. His experience rests on a foundation of university studies including advanced degrees in economics and engineering, the founding of his company doubleYUU and several years in the USA – the center of innovative vision for IT and the Web. In Silicon Valley he worked with Napster and transformed the music industry. Commerce and entertainment on billions of mobile phones is based on a worldwide standard, which Buhse co-invented as Vice Chair. For this achievement, he was named global top 50 most influential manager in mobile entertainment along with Steve Jobs. He worked on digital transformation with the German chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as top managers like René Obermann, Daimler’s Dieter Zetsche or Carsten Spohr from Lufthansa.
Along with his team he is currently endeavoring to accomplish his vision of digital transformation by doubleYUU. Buhse assimilates what he hears, reads and sees. Innovation rivets him. He has developed a particular passion for the potential offered by the digital transformation. He senses that a revolution is underway. The digital world fundamentally transforms our personal and professional lives. He has comprehended this, and given birth to Digital Leadership.

Input Stimulus -> Birth and Development of an Idea -> Innovation Delivered

Buhse’s enthusiasm is infectious. He has worked as senior executive with CoreMedia (partly owned by Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s largest telecommunications firm), Bertelsmann (global media company), Roland Berger & Partner (a strategic consultancy). Today, he is a best-selling author, facilitator, consultant and CEO of doubleYUU. He understands how to inspire people with the development of ideas and innovative ventures – always using his toolkit of immense creativity and humor.
His motto: Don’t just inform, transform – passionately place information where it is most productive. For this reason, he is a celebrated speaker and moderator. In Europe, North America, Asia and Australia he has performed in front of more than 100,000 listeners.

Research and Knowledge Base

Dr. Buhse has lectured at Harvard, MIT and elite universities in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.  He is the author and editor of numerous books, including the bestseller “Enterprise 2.0 – the Art of Letting Go”. His values of openness, transparency, networking and agility are practiced by Dr. Buhse himself. Thanks to these he is always able to find new solution patterns to complex problems.

From Engineering to Social Media Pioneer

Dr. Willms Buhse studied engineering, economics and wrote his PhD thesis on music in the digital age. In Germany he is considered the Social Media Pioneer and even Ashton Kutcher congratulated him via Twitter to the birth of his son Ben. He blogs for corporations like Daimler and Deutsche Telekom as well as for media blogs like Wirtschaftswoche. The media constantly cites him on the subject of Digital Leadership.

Team Player and Family Man

Buhse has been trainer of a basketball team in Germany and of a soccer team during his time in New York. He enjoys going for walks along Hamburg’s Elbe River with his family and his Labrador.


Dr. Willms Buhse at Berkman Center in Harvard


Winner of the IT Start-up contest from McKinsey, Stern and the Sparkassen

Finalist CODIE-Award for innovative product development in New York

Winner as “Best Innovator” by A.T. Kearney

Willms Buhse along with Steve Jobs was elected as one of the worldwide „Top 50 Most influential People in Mobile Entertainment”

Finalist of the “Convergators‘ Award” in Munich


Appointments to Program Committees and Advisory Boards