Information, Passion and Analysis

Wherever Dr. Willms Buhse performs as Business Speaker, at the same time both simple and intelligent, his keynotes send out sparks to Digital Natives as well as seasoned decision makers.

He shares the same passion as web-pioneers but remains the experienced realist who can convince top managers of the validity of his concepts. Buhse understands how to connect the two seemingly conflicting worlds and how to ignite ideas.

Management by Internet

A chord struck with these values can transform the tone generated by enterprises in the virtual world.

Leadership 2.0 – Management Innovation

What exactly is meant by “leadership” in a networked world of self-organizing knowledge workers?

Generation Y – Digital Natives

The “Internet Generation” and the enterprise of the future.

Agile Transformation

How organizations radically renew themselves – Best Practices

Digital Marketing Trends

How open dialogue with customers works and what opportunities it offers.