OpenSpaces, BarCamps, Hands-on Workshops, Keynotes: Willms Buhse has a variety of ways he can contribute to your organization. Engaging him as a consultant is always a rewarding investment – for global-enterprises as well as for future oriented medium-sized companies.

Focus areas

Hands-on Events

Whether BarCamps, OpenSpaces, or FedExDays, Dr. Buhse is the most popular German presenter with his dynamic, collaborative events. Under his belt are presentations to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, many global players and also medium-sized companies. His results: always new motivation and a multitude of projects which he has helped make happen.

Impulse Workshops

Using various participation methods, kickoffs and management seminars turn into events where all participants enjoy a joint learning experience. The art-form is how to integrate everyone with ease and motivate them to bring their full potential into the workshop.

Coaching & Positioning

Coaching assists decision makers on the road to change. Whether CEO, CIO, CMO – or human resource manager – each receives the support and know-how to position themselves as innovative leaders.

Market Studies and Research

Which international trends are most important to me? How do my markets develop? Willms Buhse and his team offer sustainable studies and research as a solid basis for their decisions – well analyzed and comprehensively presented.

Introduction to Web 2.0 Technologies

New tools are only helpful if they are used. Many Web 2.0 projects fail due to insufficient acceptance. With the right measures and campaigns you can ensure that innovative tools will revolutionize your organization’s daily routine.